Response to the article ‘Anti-cuts campaign’ by Spenborough Guardian

Recently, SVATC got our first bit of media attention in our local newspaper, Spenborough Guardian (31/12/10, yet to be published online). While we welcomed the attention we got, we were some what disappointed with the actual article.

The main reason for this was that the article does not really give any of our arguments for the reader to consider, except that we are against ‘the cuts’ and the ideology behind them. Instead it just mentions the workings of the group, including such things as we have loose links to Kirklees SOS, that we are not intentionally going to vandalise public property, that we are a non-hierarchical group etc.

While we are not against the media mentioning such things, we do not want these points being included at the expense of the reasons that we are actually campaigning against the public spending cuts and what alternatives we propose. We gave plenty of information on such things to the reporter, yet it was decided not to include these.

This then left it open at the end of the article for a local Tory councillor to accuse us of sticking our heads in the sand as the cuts are supposedly the only way forward for our society. Yet if the reporter had included our actual arguments, we could of easily countered this position. Just look around this blog (here would be a good start) and you will see plenty of ammunition to defeat such a lie, which is just getting repeated in hope people will believe it.

Why this was done, we can only speculate. However, we will still try gain media attention where we can and use it as an opportunity to put forward our arguments. For a start, we will be writing to the newspaper directly, in hope they will publish what we have to say in their next edition.

We need to resist the decisions of this ConDem government of millionaires, which are using the excuse of the debt that rich and powerful people accumulated, as a reason to attack the working class people. We did not cause this situation and we do not have to pay for it. People need to realise this!


One response to “Response to the article ‘Anti-cuts campaign’ by Spenborough Guardian

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