Spen anti-cuts group campaign

The article published by Spenborough Guardian is now online and the text copied below. We posted a response to the article last week here.

We would also like to mention that despite what it says below, we are a political group, by the very nature that we want to have our views heard on the current political process. What we said to the reporter is that we do not adhere to a specific political ideology and are open to people from various different political ideologies (whether liberal, social democrat, anarchist or whatever political label you see yourself as, or even those with none at all) who agree with our aims.

AN action group has been set up in Spen to fight against swingeing government cuts.

The group, Spen Valley Against the Cuts has put up posters and banners around the valley blasting the government’s cuts.

A spokesman confirmed it was loosely affiliated with the Kirklees Save Our Services group which is also protesting against the cuts and fighting for local services to be protected .

The spokesman said: “At the moment we are a small group with links to other organisations, but we are not directly connected to any group or union.

“We started the group over the last few weeks as a reaction to the ideology behind the government’s spending cuts.

“We are not a political organisation, just a group of people united against the cuts.

“It’s a non-hierarchical group with no one taking control, everyone has their own views.”

He defended the group’s use of banners that are dotted around Spen Valley and said he expected them to be removed fairly quickly. However, he said the group planned on putting more up over the next few weeks.

He said: “We were expecting them to be taken down but we have more to come. We didn’t want to vandalise anything, so they can be taken down quite easily. As long as people see them and understand them, we are happy.

He also denied the group had any links to local trade unions, but said he hoped to work with them in the future.

Kirklees Tory leader Coun Robert Light said: “I defend people’s right to protesting in a peaceful and safe way which does not cause violence. That’s fundamental in a democratic society.

“However, it must be great to be able to stick your head in the sand and pretend we are not in the financial position we’re in.

“Pretending we don’t have to make cuts is absolutely stupid, all the three parties agree on that.”

via Spenborough Guardian.


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